Mediterranean Turkey Burgers with Steamed Vegetables and Olive Oil Mustard Sauce


Simple AND full of flavor!!!  This has become a go-to dish in my kitchen. 

Stock these ingredients in your pantry and freezer and you can whip this recipe up without heading to the grocery store. 

So many reasons to LOVE this recipe. Check them out below.

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Sun-dried Tomatoes

sun dried tomatoes

Be still my heart.

If you enjoy tomatoes…you MUST introduce this ingredient into your kitchen. It delivers a rich and deep tomato flavor. Delish!!!

They are usually within the canned vegetable aisle or in the produce section. They will be packaged in a jar. Store them in the fridge after opening.



If you have never experienced the flavor of shallots before, I highly encourage you to give them a try.  I would describe them as having a more delicate and sophisticated (yes, it is possible) onion flavor.  A great accompaniment to your veggies!

Vegetable Steamer

The vegetable steamer is one of the MOST used tools in my kitchen. Steamed vegetables are delicious, nutritious, quick and easy. Winning combination.

vegetable steamer

If you are not familiar with this handy dandy tool, let’s remedy that right HERE and right NOW. Simply place the steamer on the bottom of a pot. Fill the pot with about an inch or two of water (just enough that you can see the water through the steamer when you fill it BUT your veggies are not submerged). Place your veggies on top of the steamer. Cover the pot and cook until vegetables are fork tender (~ 8-12 minutes). Voila!

And…steaming helps retain more nutrients compared to boiling vegetables. When you boil vegetables some nutrients leach out into the water. We want those nutrients in your body NOT the sink.

Time Savings

dog running over hurdle

Time is one of our most precious assets.  It is also one of the most common barriers, or reasons, why my clients do not create meals at home. 

My goal is to help you jump that barrier.  To put it to rest.  To provide you with ways to create meals at home that are realistic and fit into your life.

One of the beautiful things about this recipe is that it is built for time savings.

It is PERFECT for batch cooking or making large amounts of food.  Cook once and enjoy several times over the coming days and weeks.

Raw turkey burgers are great for batch cooking and either storing in the fridge for several meals during the week OR storing in the freezer to be enjoyed in the coming weeks.

Are you sitting down???  In addition, the vegetable sauce can also be prepared in larger quantities as well.  Store it in the fridge in an air-tight container to add to your veggies over the next few days. 

Grab your free Mediterranean Inspired Recipes, including this delish dish, HERE.