Unlike other approaches that focus on restriction and provide minimal guidance, I partner with my clients to create tailored and sustainable lifestyle changes that honor their individuality and moments of imperfection.

I connect people with the power of food so they can optimize their heart health and fully participate in life!!!

I'm Andrea, Integrative and Functional Nutritionist & Health Coach


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Exploring new cookbooks. Creating new recipes and aromas in the kitchen. Valuing where our food comes from. ALL life-long hobbies that bring me tremendous joy.

After 25+ years in the world of accounting, I realized my job could bring me the same level of joy so I pivoted my career into nutrition.

New results require new actions. Changing careers was my path towards taking my life back. Finding my purpose. Valuing my passion. Connecting with what is most important to me. Making myself a priority.

Are you ready for new results as well?

If so, let’s Rock n’ Roll!

Food and its impact on our bodies have always been a strong interest of mine

journey into nutrition

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"Andrea's expert knowledge of nutrition and positive accountability led me to improved blood pressure, better sleep, less inflammation and weight loss."


"Andrea is a personable, professional, fun and results-oriented science junky. She guided me in making realistic changes to help prevent a second heart attack, improve my energy, clear my foggy mind and lose weight."


I grew up in a blue-collar family on the south side of Chicago (Go White Sox!) with a stay-at-home mom turned nurse and self-employed dad. My sister and I are so close that we often complete each other’s sentences.

Two years ago, I made a huge move out of Chicago into the sticks of Central Illinois where my fiancé and our four-legged girl, Lil’ Miss Savannah Anna, live on 15 acres.

The country life serves me well.  It provides abundant nature, quiet space and the garden I have always dreamed about.







Live music




Laughing out loud


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