Avoid your doctor's prescription pad 

Naturally address heart disease, heart attacks and high blood pressure

 with the Heart Health
Nutrition Program

  • Your doctor has been recommending medications to address high cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar levels

  • Your world was recently turned upside down from an unexpected heart attack

  • You are overwhelmed or confused by nutrition recommendations and not sure where to start 

  • Your athletic build has faded away due to the spare tire around your waist

  • You have a family history of heart disease

Does this sound familiar...

  • Food is one of life's pleasures and you adamantly reject the idea of eating bland kale and tasteless tofu

  • Changing the way you eat overnight and drastically restricting what you eat is a non-starter

  • You do not have hours to spend in the kitchen every day

  • You do not want to count calories or meticulously track points

  • You still want to enjoy wine and charcuterie during "date night"

These problems are a PUNCH to the gut AND you are ready to make changes because this is NOT how you want your life to be!


Making heart-healthy meals at home can be easy
does not have to be boring rabbit food

Enjoying home-cooked meals
can be easier than you think

The Heart Health Nutrition Program will help you
build a delicious, simple
heart-healthy kitchen

  • Naturally address high cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar levels

  • Mitigate your risk for repeat heart attack

  • Easily create meals at home that outshine most restaurants

  • Eliminate the 5pm dilemma of "What's for dinner?" EVERY...DAMN...NIGHT

  • Learn HOW to implement beneficial changes without wanting to eat your arm off due to hunger

  • Experience sustained energy throughout the day, enhancing overall productivity

  • Make eating out a luxury rather than a necessity

This program allows you to...

Research indicates that lifestyle
changes can lower the risk of
heart disease by ~80%.

So, how the hell is it possible that heart disease is largely in our control YET it is still our #1 killer?

Our hectic balls-to-the-walls lives have pushed food down our list of priorities. 

AND...most diet approaches are based on restriction and changing everything overnight

Wanna know something that fires me up?

I'm Andrea


I am here to tell you there is another way!

A simpler way.

An easier way that fits into your life!

It is time to get your ass back into the kitchen!

Creating heart-healthy meals can be easy.

Tear up that laundry list of foods you supposedly
can NEVER eat again!

Implement changes gradually!

this #1 killer together...
one kitchen at a time

Two Options:

Ready to rock n' roll?
Let's do this!

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"Andrea's expert knowledge of nutrition and positive accountability led me to improved blood pressure, better sleep, less inflammation and weight loss."


"Andrea is a personable, professional, fun and results-oriented science junky. She guided me in making realistic changes to help prevent a second heart attack, improve my energy, clear my foggy mind and lose weight."


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