Food is Fuel for Life

Food as Medicine

What we eat plays a huge role in our quality of life. While quality of life can be defined in many different ways, let’s break it down into promoting health and fueling vitality.

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Promoting Health

When it comes to promoting health, our bodies are designed for survival which includes  maintaining health.  However, our lifestyle behaviors, including the foods we eat, either support or challenge the innate healing power of the body. 

Yes, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to promoting health including our environment, resources, genetics, etc. However, we often discount the very factor in which we have the most control…our lifestyle behaviors.  And, even more exciting, is that research has found lifestyle behaviors to lower the risk of heart disease by about 80%.


Fueling Vitality

In terms of fueling vitality, I am referring to your ability to fully participate and enjoy whatever is important to you! 

Being full of life, having energy to get through the day, able to fully participate rather than sit on the sidelines, performing at work, home, etc.  You know…livin’ life! 

Vitality is often the first to be compromised when the foods we choose are not optimal.  Our body provides signals and clues if this is the case. However, they may be so subtle that you do not even recognize it taking place.  You may even dismiss it as a normal part of your every day life.   

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Not feeling on top of your game 
  • Feeling off/not your normal self 
  • Lacking performance 
  • Unable to fully participate in life 
  • Unable to do the things you want to do 

If so, vitality is compromised.

Bottom Line

Do you consider food choices as a factor in your quality of life?  If your health or vitality is compromised, do you consider food to be part of the solution? 

Food has a positive impact on the way you show up in life.

Begin tuning into the signals your body is providing.  Our brilliant bodies have important information to share.  Are you listening?