Meal Prepping

Implementing Change

What in the Word is Meal Prepping?

Interested in getting dinner on the table quicker?

Interested in reducing the amount of time you are spending in the kitchen?

Meal prepping can help you achieve BOTH of these goals. It entails preparing components of a recipe, or a full recipe, ahead of time.

Rather than preparing recipes from start to finish at every meal, you can prepare part, or all, of the recipes in advance.

Benefits of Meal Prepping

  • Meal prep allows you to re-allocate some, or all, of the time to prepare a meal during times of the week that you are less busy or work best for your schedule. For example: meal prepping on your days off so that you are spending less time creating meals on days that you work.

  • Meal prep may also save your time during the week. For example: batch cooking, or making large amounts of food, will save time during the course of the week. Cook once and enjoy the meal several times during the week.
grilled chicken with vegetables and avocado

  • Reduce stress
    • After a long day, meal prep allows you to reduce the time needed to create dinner.
    • Stress often triggers cravings for less optimal foods. Planning ahead may help mitigate the stress triggers.

  • Minimize risk of making less optimal food choices. When your kitchen is stocked with ready-to-go nutrient rich foods, you are less likely to hit the fast-food drive thru

Types of Meal Prep

  • Prepping ingredients

  • Prepping components of meals (sauces, combining ingredients, etc.)

  • Prepping an entire meal/batch cooking

Some, or all, of these types of meal prep can take place ahead of consuming the meal.

Put Meal Prepping into Action

Creating meals at home is a GREAT way to increase the nutrient-rich foods you eat. Adding nutrient-rich foods is the most powerful way to naturally address the underlying conditions and risk factors associated with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Give meal planning a try. Notice how it reduces the time to get meals on the table.

And…here is another beautiful thing…meal prep provides an opportunity to engage others in helping create meals. Despite the pushback you may receive, others ARE capable of helping out in the kitchen. It does not need to fall on one set of shoulders.

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