Greek Chicken Vegetables and Orzo Salad



Grilled Greek chicken

Do your grill justice by cooking up this Mediterranean inspired Greek chicken.

The pesto and balsamic vinegar marinade will awaken taste buds you did not even know existed. 

Notice the phenomenal combination when you savor each bite of grilled chicken.

Is your mouth watering yet?


fresh herbs

One of the many beautiful things about summer is the availability of fresh herbs. They add a whole new dimension to any dish. They scream summer. This dish takes advantage of the plentiful parsley and dill during the summer season. Can you smell the fresh dill?

Growing fresh herbs has so many benefits. It is readily available when you need it. You can limit your waste by harvesting only the amount you need for the recipe.

If gardening is not a part of your life, no problem. Farmers markets are flowing with fresh herbs. Find a farmers market near you.


fresh vegetables

Yet another beautiful thing about summer is the availability of fresh vegetables. To maximize your nutrients, choose locally grown vegetables that are picked when ripe. And…the taste is drastically different.

Take the challenge. Grab tomatoes from the grocery store and from your garden or local farmers market. Compare the taste. Not even close in terms of flavor and texture. You can taste the difference of vegetables picked when ripened and traveling short distances to your plate. Guaranteed. And let me remind you, there are not many guarantees in life!!!

Ready to bring these amazing ingredients into your kitchen? Fantastic!!! Grab your free Mediterranean Inspired Recipes, including this delish dish, HERE

Time Savings

We all love home cooked meals.  Lack of time is often one of the hurdles to creating more meals at home. 

One of the beautiful things about this recipe is that it is built for time savings on two different levels.


First, it is PERFECT for meal prep.  By preparing the salad and placing the chicken in the marinade ahead of time, you can have this meal on your plate within 15 minutes after a long day.  To learn more about meal prep, refer to the Time Savings section HERE.

Second, it is PERFECT for batch cooking or making large amounts of food to enjoy throughout the week.  Cook once and enjoy the meal several times during the week.  Leftovers are great for both lunch and dinner.  And…you can serve this dish cold.  And…as the dish hangs out in the fridge, the blend of herbs and spices will continue to blend together beautifully for an even greater flavor!  Hellz, yeah!  Sign me up!